When To Call The Electrical Contracting Company

As a homeowner, you must know who to call when something happens around your home. You don't want to be caught amid a complication around your home and get left wondering who can come to help you. If the lights go out in the middle of a storm, and you notice your neighbor's power is also out, you want to call the power company. However, you won't call the power company when there's a problem with your home's electrical system. When this happens, you'll reach out to the electrical contracting company. You can read some examples of when to call an electrical contracting company in this article, so you'll be clear on things.

When to Call the Electrical Contracting Company

Your circuit breakers trip 

If your circuit breakers trip frequently, this will let you know there's a problem with your home's electrical panel. The issue could be faulty wiring, so you should treat this occurrence seriously. 

Your lights flicker 

If you have a light flickering, it may need a new bulb. However, this isn't what's happening if you have lights that flicker when a particular appliance comes on, have several of them flickering, or if they continue flickering after the bulb's replaced. If any of these things are happening, you want to call the electrical contracting company, because this lets you know there's an issue with the electrical system. 

You don't have GFCI outlets 

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is a type of receptacle that looks similar to an ordinary outlet. However, a GFCI has a black and a red button. These help to prevent someone from being shocked or electrocuted due to contact with water. These receptacles are required to be installed in certain parts of newly built homes, such as in the bathroom and near swimming pool equipment. You may have an older home without GFCI receptacles in the bathrooms, kitchen, or on the exterior of the house. If this is the case, you want the electrical contracting company to come to install them. 

You're using electrical cords regularly 

If there are parts of your home where you've resorted to using electrical cords regularly, then this means you need more outlets to be installed in your home. It may also mean the electrical panel should get updated as well. An electrical contracting company should check the electrical panel and install new outlets where you need them.

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