4 Benefits Of Upgrading Your Business Cabling To Fiber Optics

Bandwidth demand keeps rising from web-enabled applications like videoconferencing and virtualization.  Fast internet has become central to efficient business operations, good customer service, and the exploitation of business opportunities. Fiber optics have played a big role in internet penetration and evolution.  Today, fiber optic cables are the mainstay of structured networks. Several advantages come with upgrading your business network  cabling to fiber optics:

High  Bandwidth

Fiber optic cables carry the highest bandwidth because they carry light signals that travel a fraction of the speed of light. Today's average fiber optics speeds can go up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps).  But this is not the limit. With  5G  technology, it is expected fiber optics will handle data up to  10 Gbps.

Fiber optic networks can handle any internet application today,  including virtualization and 3D modeling.  Fast speeds enable your business to offer seamless experiences with very minimal lag such that your clients will never notice any change in delivery.  Upgrading to fiber optics future-proofs your business network cabling because you won't have to upgrade your cabling as speeds rise.

Access Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is changing how businesses access IT resources, including hardware, apps, data, and networks. It has unlinked computing from having powerful local resources like high spec desktops. It has made computing more efficient and affordable.

You can only enjoy the full extent of cloud computing with fast internet speeds. Fiber optics services are key to taking advantage of cloud services. For example, cloud storage is essential to business disaster recovery.  With high internet speeds, you can download high volumes of backed-up data to resume your operations quickly.

Access Feature-Rich Applications

Fast speeds enable businesses to get more value from the internet with rich features.  Fiber optics will enable your business to do more with your internet connection. Some of  the tasks you can access include:

• VoIP  telephony with video conferencing and  file sharing

• Video streaming

• High-speed file sharing

• Virtual  desktops

• Augmented reality

• Remote  video security surveillance

Fiber optics services can bundle these applications onto an existing fiber optics network without the need for extra equipment or network upgrades. As a result, it makes it easier and faster to set up different applications for business competitiveness.

Steady Signal strength

Light signals traveling in fiber optics are not vulnerable to electromagnetic interference like copper or DSL cable signals.  The signal does not fade with distance as it does in wire cables.  This makes fiber optics suitable for private networks over long distances.  

Are you looking to upgrade your network for faster speeds and productivity? Talk to fiber optics services to set up fiber optics cabling for your business.