Why Your Businesss Lights Are Not Working

Do you own your own business located in an office space? If so, you likely have certain things that you must have in working order to complete your day-to-day business operations. Electricity is at the core of most business operations because it is required to perform a number of daily duties. 

Imagine getting ready to start your day and discovering that your lights are not working and knowing that you have paid the electric bill. You may even start wondering if the bills have been paid if you delegate certain administrative tasks to an employee. Before you allow yourself to get angry, frustrated, or worried in a situation like this take time to assess the known factors. 

You can start by determining whether or not you have a complete power outage in your business. If it is pitch black dark, exercise caution as you navigate your building trying to determine if you have working lights. You do not want to risk injuring yourself from a slip or trip and fall. There are also potential dangers of bumping into objects and injuring yourself or causing property damage. Do not forget during this stressful moment that you can use the flashlight on your cellphone to navigate the premises.

If you determine that all of the electricity is off at your location, you may be able to determine if there is a complete outage that affects your area by observing nearby businesses. Signs of lights elsewhere likely means that the issue is limited to your location or a small section in the area. If you have working lights in parts of your building, the following electrical issues might be responsible for your electrical inconvenience.

Damaged Wiring

If you have not gotten a recent electrical inspection, you could have a wiring issue. Your electrical system may not give signs that its performance is declining and can spontaneously stop working. This might be the case if you are in a commercial location that has aged wiring. 

An inspection of your electrical system could reveal that there are other underlying issues, which could be the reason that only a portion of your business is affected. If your area has a known rodent issue, it is possible that they could be the cause of your electrical issue because they enjoy chewing on things. The good news is that if your issue is wiring-related, an electrician can require parts of your building or the entire building. 

Failed Switches and Sockets

You may get accustomed to having working electricity and forget that some portions of your electrical system. The switches and sockets can wear down over time and cause power problems.

To learn more about commercial electrical services, contact an electrician near you.