4 Rooms That Can Benefit From Recessed Lighting Tremendously

If you want to start upgrading your house to make it more enjoyable and satisfying to live in, you should consider prioritizing projects that take care of the biggest weaknesses. When you know that lighting around the house is not optimal, you should work to improve the lighting setup.

While you can install all sorts of different lights to accomplish this goal, you may want to focus on recessed lighting. Understanding what rooms work incredibly well with recessed lighting will help you invest in this addition in certain areas around your house to enjoy the best results.

Living Room

An excellent room to add recessed lighting in is the living room because it will provide you with most or all the lighting that you need without causing any glare on the television. If you make sure to get dimming capabilities, you can even keep the lights on at a dim level when you are watching a movie or a show or playing games to make it easy for your family to move around.

Another thing that you can look forward to with recessed lights is the incredibly balanced lighting that you do not normally get to enjoy with a typical ceiling light fixture.


If your current lighting setup in the bedroom only allows for bright light or none at all, you will appreciate the balance that recessed lighting is able to bring. Illuminating an entire bedroom evenly is extremely helpful when you use every corner of the room for different tasks. This will help you avoid a situation in which you move to another room or area just to get better lighting.


Many bathrooms have lights above the vanity mirror and nowhere else, which usually works well enough that people do not change anything. But, you can get better lighting in your shower by adding recessed lights because they can extend all the way into the shower area. If you also like to read while you are taking baths, you will benefit from recessed lights being over the bathtub.

Home Office

Trying to rely on natural light or an overhead light fixture can cause a noticeable glare on your monitor when working in a home office. If you want to improve visibility, you will find that recessed lighting is an excellent option that may also provide a boost in your productivity.

Installing recessed lights in these rooms will help you enjoy them more. Visit a website like https://www.jfelectricalcontractors.com/ to learn more.