3 Reasons Your Home May Need An Electrical Service Upgrade

The basic requirements for new home construction change as technology changes over the years. One area that's impacted by modern advances is a home's electrical system. Service panels have been increasing in power over the years as homes use more appliances and gadgets. If you live in an old house and the electrical system has never been upgraded, the electrical system may not handle the power demand you require. That's why you may need an electrical service upgrade. Here's when an upgrade may be needed.

1. When You Install New 240 Volt Appliances

If your electrical panel is already running at max capacity, then you probably won't be able to install new appliances or things with pumps and motors until you've upgraded the panel. Overloading your electrical system could cause a fire by overheating wires hidden behind walls. At the very least, you'll have to deal with circuits flipping off all the time as a safety measure.

You may not even have enough power to operate 240 volt appliances, so if your system is old, you'll want to check the requirements of an oven or other appliance before you buy it.

2. When You Need More Circuits For Power Tools

Your electrical panel has a maximum amount of power for the entire panel and a maximum amount of power for each individual circuit. When you get an upgrade, you get more panel power as well as more individual circuits. Having more circuits is important if you use things like power tools or kitchen appliances such as a microwave or high-speed blender.

Tools and appliances that use a lot of power need their own circuit or they may cause a circuit to flip if you turn one on and other equipment is using power on the circuit at the same time.

3. When Your Old Equipment Is Unsafe

If your old electrical panel is damaged by lighting or is unsafe due to old age, then you should have it replaced to eliminate a possible fire hazard. When you get a new panel, talk to your electrician about the amps you should get. You probably want at least as much as is standard for new construction homes, but if you have special power demands, you may need even more. By having a new panel put in that can handle a big power draw, your home will be ready to face the future and your growing demand for power.

If you live in an older house, you may want an electrician to check your panel and let you know its status, especially if your circuits flip or your power browns out frequently. While having additional power and circuits is convenient, the most important reason for getting an electrical service upgrade is to make your home safer.