How To Assess The Severity Of Your Furnace Problem

A broken-down furnace can be a disaster during the winter. For that reason, you might be nervous whenever your furnace shows warning signs of having any trouble at all. However, you'll need to be able to distinguish between problems that can wait and problems that are more severe.

Strange Noises

When you begin to notice strange noises coming from your furnace, this could mean a lot of things. For example, if you hear a rattling noise, it might be a minor issue such as a loose panel. There may not even be a problem with the furnace, and the noise might be unavoidable. You could insulate the ductwork to cut down on the noise. However, if you hear a squealing noise, this can be a sign that the belt that connects the motor to the fan has slipped and needs to be replaced. You will need help from a repair technician to pinpoint and repair the problem, especially when you hear a grinding noise.

Cycling On and Off

If the HVAC is cycling on and off repeatedly, this can be a sign that there is a serious problem. However, it could also be something simple such as a dirty filter. Make sure to check if the filter is dirty and replace it before considering that a more serious problem might be causing the cycling. For example, there might be an issue with the blower motor and belt, which would require assistance from a furnace repair technician.

Electrical Issues

If you have any electrical issues with your furnace, you should have them addressed by a professional furnace repair technician. Electrical issues are dangerous to solve on your own, and if the electrical problem is not resolved, it might place your home at risk of a fire. 

Ignition Failure

When your furnace will not provide any warm air at all, this might be the result of an ignition failure. Even with modern ignition systems, there is a risk that the ignition system will fail and need to be replaced by a technician.

Higher Energy Costs

One of the reasons why you must have your furnace repaired as soon as possible is that you may even need to have your entire furnace replaced. You might notice that your heating bills are going up consistently. This is not only a nuisance, but it's a warning sign that your furnace might fail in the future, likely when you need it the most.

For more information or if you notice any signs of problems, contact a local furnace repair company.