5 Common Commercial Electrical Repair Issues

Electrical repair work can be a pain in any setting, but businesses frequently depend heavily on their electrical systems to simply get work done. It can be helpful when a problem occurs to have a general idea of what might be going wrong. Here are 5 possible issues that might be creating trouble at your location.

Lack of Capacity

The modernization of systems is an essential part of commercial electrical repair work. On the one hand, many modern systems now use less electricity because they're more energy-efficient. On the other hand, a lot of businesses are employing more devices for longer times than ever before. The net effect is that systems aren't up to the job, and you can start seeing circuit breakers kicking when your business is operating at close to peak capacity.

Damaged Wires

Few dangers are as instantly worrisome as damaged wires. Even in newer buildings, there's always the risk that animals can get into the structure and damage wires by chewing on them or nesting around them. Overloaded electrical systems can also start to heat, melting older wiring that isn't properly insulated. If you're seeing continuing electrical problems even after replacing junction boxes and circuit panels, it may be time to look at the wires.


Another challenge with modern devices on older systems is that electricity may need to be conditioned. In particular, computers and their supporting battery backups can be very fussy about the stability of the electric they're getting. Fluctuations in voltage can produce instability, fry circuits, and prematurely drain batteries. The solution in some cases is to install components to condition the electricity.

Substandard Outlets

Over time, the types of outlets expected in most commercial buildings have changed significantly. Notably, systems with ground faults are now in wide use in modern commercial settings.

One of the simplest repairs for a professional to do is to swap out dead or older outlets and replace them with more modern options. In some cases, additional wiring work may need to be done to support the outlets. On the upside, you can also take the opportunity to install more.

Loose Components

Another surprisingly common issue is different electrical components simply being loose. Lights no longer sit tightly in their sockets and plugs no longer go in tight, either. It can seem like a tiny issue, but each loose connection carries the risk of arcing or shorting, potentially producing a fire. Reach out to electrical repair professionals to get things in order again.